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This is a fabulous share that every bride must read. Dr. Christian Northrup is the author of this blog written about her perspective of being a Mom whose daughter is getting married. I love Dr. Northrup and highly recommend her books, videos, and website. I am thrilled to share her wisdom with you!

Mother of the Bride: an Ending and a New Beginning 

“As I sit here watching the solar powered Japanese lanterns swaying in the breeze on my patio, I look back on my daughter Kate’s recent wedding with a great deal of peace and happiness. We pulled it off. Best wedding ever. And pure magic on so many levels. I want to share a few highlights with you.

The Weather

Kate’s wedding was to take place outdoors on July 5th, by the ocean and overlooking a lighthouse. So, we were a bit concerned earlier in the week when Hurricane Arthur was on its way to Maine, leaving a watery mess on its way up the coast.

On the day of the rehearsal, it was raining so hard that we held the rehearsal in my dance room. It’s perfect for rehearsing a wedding, since there is no furniture—just a free space for dancing. I had a tent in the backyard for the rehearsal dinner. And although it continued to pour, the tent kept the guests dry and the mosquitoes out of sight and off our skin.

My girls and I, along with some of our guests, did a ritual in my backyard to bring on the sun and invoke Divine Order. Then, the bride and I released the whole thing. If it rained, it rained. We would be happy with whatever Mother Nature had in store.

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