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Every moment is sacred. Wedding Ceremonies, Funerals, watching a child succeed, tea with a friend and healing are all moments that the Divine works through each one of us.

Love is the energy that we hope to recognize during all of our life moments. Reverend Deborah Catherine Faith offers Ceremonies, Reiki, Classes and Workshops "In the Spirit of Love".


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Flower Crown

Posted on Dec 20 by

A top wedding trend for 2015 is a Flower Crown. They have been a hit for a couple of years now, and are sure to continue throughout this season. Your creativity can provide...


Outdoors Inspired Wedding

Posted on Dec 20 by

One of the hot wedding trends for 2015 is to have an outdoors inspired wedding. The natural backdrop and placement of the sun are welcome additions to your festivities as well as...


Finding Quiet During the Holidays

Posted on Dec 20 by

I have always enjoyed nighttime snow when all is still and the neighborhood plows have not yet been taken out. Each flake of snow can be heard as it lightly glides onto the pile...


Wedding Vow Renewal

Posted on Jun 30 by

A Wedding Vow Renewal is seen as a way for a married couple to renew their commitment to each other and demonstrate that the vows they took are still considered sacred. Many...


The Gift

Posted on Mar 16 by

This is Marty, my 11 year old Golden Retriever. The other day, I went to the gate to call him in from the yard and right away, he came happily bounding up to me like I was the...


The Ceremony Readings

Posted on Mar 7 by

I am pleased and excited to tell you that Kristina Reardon from Rhode Island Monthly, interviewed me for the 2014 online Engaged edition. The article is called “The Rite...