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Love is the energy that we hope to recognize during all of our life moments.

Reverend Deborah Catherine Faith offers Ceremonies, Wedding Planning, and Workshops "In the Spirit of Love".


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New Traditions as a Married Couple

Posted on Aug 22 by

It’s hard to imagine now in August, that soon we will enter the days leading up to the “Holiday Season”. Thanksgiving which has its own personality and is an...


We Are Not Alone

Posted on Aug 20 by

I performed a wedding ceremony for Jeff and Danielle. It rained quite a lot all day and the ceremony was planned for 4:30, outside at Goddard Park. Well, right around 3:30, the...


Unity Candle

Posted on Aug 4 by

Wedding Ceremonies may be creative, personal, and symbolic. While guests will certainly expect your rings to be exchanged, and vows to be spoken, symbolism is where you can...


Remembering Deceased Loved Ones

Posted on Jun 9 by

Many couples have asked me how to remember their loved ones on the day of their wedding. A couple wants to make sure that they are comfortable during the ceremony & reception...


Wedding Officiant in RI: Love Reading

Posted on Oct 16 by

Love Is Love is patient, Love is kind. Love is contented with one’s self, is respectful, and is open to other’s perspective and change. Love honors others and uplifts for the...


Wedding Officiant in RI: In the News

Posted on Mar 3 by

Click here to read an article that was written about me for the Cranston Herald on February 25, 2015. Back in November, I had been meeting with Claudia and Rosanne to discuss...