Spiritual Guidance

Usui Reiki Master/ Teacher.

Certified Hypnotherapist in the Spiritual Counseling Practice of Depth Hypnosis from the Foundation of the Sacred Stream.

Ordained Minister, Initiated Shaman, and Spiritual Intuitive.

Gifts are my expression of Love and  I am honored to share them. The wisdom, healing, and tools are invaluable and I know that Spirit is the true source for all of our miracles that can only occur when we come together in love, gratitude, and forgiveness.

Holistic Therapy Sessions

These sessions last 90 minutes.  They may include the following: Intuitive Readings, Reiki Energy Work, Shamanic Journey Drumming,  Meditation, and Regression Hypnosis.  A session is built upon your physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual needs and you will leave knowing more about your own strengths and how you wish to take your next step.  Three appointments are recommended.

Each 90 Minute Session $140

Modalities that I use and can be booked on their own:

Energy Work

Sessions offer traditional Reiki methods that provide peace, relaxation, healing, and well-being. The Reiki Energy flows from the Divine into the perfect places within you and your life. You will leave feeling refreshed and divinely guided.

Intuitive Card Reading

Cathartic reading that will offer you a message of Love, along with clear Divine guidance for your life purpose, well-being, and relationships. Your highest & best awareness of self will be illuminated during this session. This is a healing session full of light, love, and limitless possibility. Tarot and Oracle cards may be used to provide a visual story for you see unfold.

Past Memory Regression Hypnosis

Our life embodiment is like an iceberg, 1/8 of our beliefs, values, and experiences might be in our conscious awareness, while 7/8 of our beliefs, values, and experiences might be in our subconscious awareness. This process guides you into a meditative state where you will access memories held in your emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical bodies to release illusions and to align our beliefs, values, and experiences with health, love, abundance, peace, joy, and more. A sacred and safe place is created where you will feel supported by Divine Energy that is channeled and offered towards your healing process.

Clients have:

  • Remembered past lives.
  • Met spiritual guides and helpers.
  • Connected with deceased loved ones.
  • Healed present and past relationships.
  • Gained understanding of their purpose.
  • Achieved a sense of inner peace and physical health.
  • And have integrated this healing in a natural and comprehendible way.

If you are experiencing a medical issue, please continue with your prescribed care and know that all these services are not to be used in place of medical help but are to holistically support your emotional, spiritual, mental and physical health.