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Photo Stories

Being a photographer, I get to tell stories in a photo. Ideas are gathered through your experiences, emotions, and thoughts and you “see” the photos in your own way. But often there is so much more to me about a photo than appears. Join me as I tell some photo stories. These photos are copywritten.

Since April, I had been wanting to attend the Newport Folk Festival in Rhode Island. I decided to not buy tickets (assuming that I would have had the option!!) so that I could volunteer. 3 weeks before the festival, I was chosen to volunteer. Unfortunately, the shifts were for 3 days of 6+hours a piece. Recently, our dog has been sick and with the other 3 adults in our home out of state, I had to stay around to take care of her. I could not volunteer, and I did not have a ticket.

I decided to visit my sister and her family who were staying at Scarborough beach in Narragansett, RI. (Just around the bay from FF). I took some family photos for them and felt drawn to check out the ruins. I took some “just ok” shots and was headed back, when I met Captain Frank and Betty. I asked them if I could take their photo. They said, “yes”. They have been visiting Narragansett from New York for years. I feel so happy the way the day led me to them.

In 2010, I officiated Tara and Josh’s wedding at the Glen Manor in Portsmouth, RI. They graciously kept me involved with their family’s events and births for years, until schedule conflicts & life created some space. Fast forward to 2020, they were celebrating their tenth anniversary and being their Facebook friend, I reached out to Tara and asked her if I could renew their wedding vows. I still had their ceremony text!!!

Since then, I have had the honor of working with them in discussing their next steps in life and Tara and I share an interest in spiritual and empowering thought. Our friendship has grown. We even got a few early morning pre-sun runs!

This photo is of them just before their Rhode Island send-off party attended by their friends and family. What awaited them was a big move, which as I write this has gone amazingly and they are so happy in their new town in Maine.

I read recently, that as we grow older, it is important to be “mentored” by younger women. Tara has become a loved soul sister and I am in awe of what she teaches me as I witness her life. Josh you rock too!!!

Ok, Amazing player steals home by sliding under the tag. Right?

Yes, exactly. This player is one to watch.

Allen Espinal from Classical HS.

I was super excited when I took this shot because I knew I had caught some good action, plus he is a super photogenic kid. I moved the photo into Adobe photoshop and “kicked up” some of the dirt – nothing added, just some contrast and saturation. See, I selected Allen to target some editing, and photoshop thought that the dirt was a part of him.

This is one of my favorites.

Majestic power, heart, and poise. Not the horse, but my friend and Sistar, Annie.

I met Annie at a weekend Shamanism class. We were paired up in an exercise in which we were to channel the Holy Spirit (clear light is what it was referred to in this class). She was so good at channeling the love of the spirit while I nervously hoped to provide her with an uplifting experience. Funny, but I think that the exercise was about allowing.

Laughter!! She is so good at laughter and her lightheartedness has taught me to center in the power of Mother Earth, Grandmother Tree!!!, and our spiritual gifts. Annie is a flower fairy, an artist, a life-whisperer, a rain bringer, an auntie, a goddess mother, and a true gift to us.

Annie regrew from the old upon receiving a bone marrow transplant from her brother. She honors her body and understands that her body can take man-made only in balance with earth and spirit made. Her voice has grown stronger as she has advocated for herself and her loved ones. And her voice… earthy and rooted into the beginning of time and harmonized with her drum, rattle, and heart.