Have Faith in the Afterlife

Funerals are a cultural and spiritual way to honor those who we love when they die. The compassion that we extend to them during their death is a blessing to him or her as well as to everyone and everything this person influenced.

I have had the wonderful honor of performing funerals for those who have passed. I am thankful that I can support a family during an emotional time and guide them spiritually. I am compassionate, joyful, intuitive, graceful, loving, pleasant, and can bring ease to families who are in discord. I value and respect those who have passed and will aid you in creating their Afterlife services.

Afterlife Services

Calling Hours Prayer Service


Graveside Ceremony

Life Blessing


Locating a Funeral Home

End of Life/ Hospice

Reiki and angelic energy healing and guidance

Holding of sacred space

Family Support

Home Blessing 

Honoring your loved one at their home.

Planting of tree or symbolizing their life.

Opening doors to new beginnings.