Dressed Twice Her Best

Jasmine and Raul were married on October 13, 2012 at the Viking Hotel in Newport RI.

Jasmine was a sophisticated and beautiful bride.  She chose two wedding dresses for her nuptials.  The first she wore to her ceremony and the second was for the reception.  Brides choose two wedding dresses for many reasons.  The bride may love both dresses and not want to choose between the two.  Sometimes one dress may be a family heirloom and the other a more fashion current piece.  A bridal ceremony gown can tend towards being heavier, longer, and more layered.  While it is perfect for taking her vows, at the reception, it may be not be the easiest for dancing, mingling and dining.  Many receptions are held outdoors and in more casual settings. A lighter dress may ensure that the gorgeous formal dress that she invested in will stay clean and in perfect condition… perhaps for future generations. Brides who have had two dresses do not regret their choice and recommend that if a bride can afford it, then she also will be pleased as well!

These photos were taken by Bethany and Dan Cox Photography.