Finding Quiet During the Holidays

I have always enjoyed nighttime snow when all is still and the neighborhood plows have not yet been taken out. Each flake of snow can be heard as it lightly glides onto the pile on the ground as well as on to my nose. There is magic in that quiet. These moments are peaceful, thoughtless, and powerful. They have a permanence and quality that overcomes me and causes me to stop and Be.

This time of year is when we are approaching the shortest days and the longest nights. Many of us will celebrate the light that shines eternally for us. This light fills our hearts and carries us through the dark days until the sun begins to shine longer. Love grows as we spend more time with family or we direct it towards ourselves if we feel separated from our loved ones. This is the season of love, light, and hopefully joy.

I offer you the intention to listen for the Quiet. In the fleeting moment that you notice it: recognize it and make a memory of it. Quiet moments are deeper in quality than lack of sound. There is potential, amazement, wonder, and reverence in the Quiet. These Holy Moments will fill you in ways that only you could need and they will aid you during this time of year.

Two years ago, during the Easter Season, I was looking for particular Spiritual significance … and I did not find it. Easter evening, as I prepared for sleep, I was given a Quiet Moment. This Moment filled me more than church, the reading I had done weeks leading up to that day, and my previous years celebrating Easter. It was a Moment that connected me to my Spiritual nature and to God. From this Holy perspective, I appreciate Spirituality. Thankfully, I am learning to rely on the Quiet to soothe and calm my nerves, and to connect me to a beautiful source.

I wish you blessings of love and Quiet Moments. May the light in your heart connect you to your loved ones and may you bravely step through the dark days.

Happiest Holidays!