Flower Crown

A top wedding trend for 2015 is a Flower Crown. They have been a hit for a couple of years now, and are sure to continue throughout this season.

Your creativity can provide endless inspiration from the multitude of flowers to choose from and your crown is sure to be one-of-a-kind!

  • Your florist can guide you to seasonal and local blooms or find an exotic spray textured by other materials and mediums. Florists have access to a large variety of flowers and can tell you which ones perform best with the weather in your area. Florists know what is available or needs to be special-ordered. Florists can also ensure that your crown compliments the flowers that you choose for your bouquets, decor and centerpieces.
  • Artists can work with you to custom design your floral headpiece while using metals, textiles,  jewels, or glass. Your crown can accessorize your look and match your earrings and any other jewelry that you choose. Planning ahead with your artist, you can make a headpiece that will last for years to come.
  • Do it yourself. There are many how-to tutorials that you can find online or on Pinterest. Consider gathering with your bridesmaids and creating your pieces together or attending a class lead by a local artist or florist. In this way, your creations take on a more personal feeling as you all proceed down the aisle on your wedding day.