The Gift

This is Marty, my 11 year old Golden Retriever. The other day, I went to the gate to call him in from the yard and right away, he came happily bounding up to me like I was the greatest person in the Universe. I felt so happy that he was excited to see me and I realized how fortunate I am to have him in my life.


This got me thinking about what a Gift he has been to me and my family. He comes unconditionally, trustingly, and joyfully to each of us each day. His Gift is constant whether we realize it or not.

I have so much in my life that I have been creating and I know that this all comes to me as a Gift. The idea, motivation, people to collaborate with, spiritual support and the actual realized creation are all Gifts. I decided, while feeling spectacular after Marty ran up the walkway and into my heart, that I want more Gifts to come to me like that: Unconditionally, trustingly and joyfully and I want to receive them lovingly, joyfully and ready – just how I received Marty.


The truth is, we cannot control how Gifts arrive in our lives.

A Gift may come quietly and land on our nose like an idea that is patiently waiting for our attention. The Gift of friendship may come via a stressful college or work situation. Forgiveness and love may be gifted after witnessing your loved one’s final days or painful illness.

What I can control is how I receive the Gifts. When an idea is presented, may I be open-hearted, ready and appreciative. When a new friend comes into my life, may I be aware how happy they may be to meet me. May the Gift of forgiveness and love come relentlessly everyday. Open-hearted, ready and joyful are ways that feel right on how I will greet blessings and gifts.

The magic word for all gifts in whatever package it arrives in is “Thank you”. Gratitude brings us back into our hearts and helps to keep the mind busy being positive rather than getting caught up in worries, micromanaging and negative thoughts. It also creates a more abundant attitude that lifts our spirits.

My friend, Gladys says, “Thank you Angels! I want more of THIS!”, whenever she receives something that brings her joy. I have begun choosing words in this way too as well as affirmations and positive intentions. We DO have a say in telling the Universe our preference and participating in an active way with our Lives.