Hand in Hand

Destiny, Love and Planning often get helped along by the United States Government.  Such was the case when Erin and Ryan celebrated their marriage union on July 15th … and days later Erin moved out to Washington State to join Ryan where he is stationed in the Army.  He came home on a brief “leave” to marry his best friend, see his family and friends and to return a husband. I loved watching them as they are together.  They ground and balance each other so well and even in the midst of all of their guests, they frequently caught each other’s gaze and shared a smile.  Their wedding was held at Erin’s family home by their garden. The food was SO delicious and was catered by Atomic catering, and the photos were taken by Cindy Wilson.  (You should have seen her successfully position the wedding party and family on the front porch).  An added bonus to the day was seeing Erin’s Mother, Adrienne, who is a friend of mine.  What a great honor to officiate her daughter’s ceremony.