Remembering Deceased Loved Ones

Many couples have asked me how to remember their loved ones on the day of their wedding. A couple wants to make sure that they are comfortable during the ceremony & reception and can handle the nerves, excitement, and joy of matrimony while sadness may come up when a loved one is mentioned.

Loved ones are often parents and grandparents while sometimes they are siblings and friends.  A couple may consider how close the relationship was, or if is a recent passing, one that happened when the bride or groom was a child, or anywhere in between. The bride or groom’s parents may ask that the loved one be mentioned. Some couples have had a large number of deceased family members and decide to make a general mention to recognize these people.

A loved one may be mentioned in the ceremony and their name can be in the program.  At the reception, a table can be designated for photos of loved ones with candles, mementos or wedding theme related objects. Flowers may be dedicated to the loved one, and if the wedding is by the beach, then the flowers may be cast into the water. A bride has been known to carry a small picture of her loved one in her bouquet.

Recently, I discovered a local craftsman who makes candles with the picture of the loved one on it. Tony Francisco owns Creative Creations and can custom-make and design candles to memorialize someone. (These candles can also serve as favors or centerpieces with a picture of the couple on it). As a R.I. Officiant, I performed a wedding ceremony for Tony’s mother, Kelly and her now husband, Roy.  On the mantle of their fireplace they lined up candles for each of their children who were also present.  For Kelly and Roy, it was a symbolism of the Unity within their family.