What I believe

Most likely, you are looking at my website because you may be considering hiring me as your wedding officiant. I have been performing ceremonies for 8 years while I have been alive for 40 years.  I look at officiating ceremonies as a sacred honor no matter if the ceremony is short and sweet or creative and multi-layered.  I create a structure in which the couple can have any type of ceremony that they enjoy.  My 8 years, life experiences, and training allow me to provide a really strong container.  One where the couple feels supported, safe, and free to unite in Love.

I have held this sacred space for couples that are Hindu, Jewish, Christian, Pagan, Undeclared and those who do not have a faith or religion.  My “business” name is: In the Spirit of Love because I will always focus on the Love of a couple and be the Voice for them during their ceremony. I am nonjudgmental and will offer a service that is filled with integrity and Love.  I have found that couples that work with me typically Know intuitively that we are a good match and thankfully they recommend me to their friends and family.  I even have performed funerals for family members of my couples.

My own personal faith and beliefs are what sustain and feed my own Spirit.  I am a Non-Denominational Minister and at this time, I consider myself “freelance” with a Mission to serve couples that do not have a church or have chosen to marry outside the walls of a religious building.  I love the honor of blessing their children and as I said previously, offering funerary services.  It is something that I am naturally gifted at and I am thankful to have found something so fulfilling in my life.  The spiritual food that I receive is found in a Lutheran Church a town away where I have my own Pastor.  I enjoy hearing her take on God and scripture and SO often I find that the sermon speaks exactly to a situation that is occurring in my life.  I volunteer in Children’s programs and the Healing team.

I love Jesus.  I consider myself a Christian and feel that Jesus lives a life in which he embodies Love, Compassion, and Forgiveness.  I believe that He got it right.  He is God and He is always with us so that we can get to that same perfect place.  Our own Divine Spirit is the Christ Consciousness that holds all of the Divine insight, guidance and healing properties that we need as a human spirit, a population and as a Universe.  I believe that God is ONLY love and all things positive and that God gives us all that we need to undo the negative that humans have created.  I believe that Forgiveness is the greatest gift that you can give YOURSELF.  It is what returns us to health, vibrancy, hope, faith, restful nights of sleep, peace, and happiness.  I believe that God does not judge us or cause us bad things.  I believe that some of our suffering is difficult but is a path towards positive changes.  Suffering is the human stories and dynamics that we have created over so much time and that we have forgotten that much is due to old choices, behaviors and situations.  I believe that God certainly offers us a way out of suffering and that in Divine timing, as our will aligns with God’s, that the Universe is headed in the right direction: One of Love, Compassion, Health, and Oneness with all living things.  I talk to Spirit, animals, trees, plants, the ocean, the moon, and really anything that surrounds my space.  I am really fortunate that I can listen to the Guidance that is offered to me.

Did I mention that I love Jesus?  Well, I truly do and I am so grateful to have a loving relationship with Him.  I hear him joking with me, guiding me, as well as loving me.  I know that I am never alone.  Jesus has been my friend for my whole life, even when I was not a Christian.  He just feels good to me and being apart from him is unnatural and alien.  I feel most myself when I am learning about Him and I am in such awe and admiration of His Divinity.  I believe he is with us during this most exciting time on Earth.  He is in us and my prayer is that I can always see Him in every person that I meet.

I believe that the way out of our pain and suffering is to let go of guilt and shame and to forgive ourselves and others.  We are perfect in our divinity while our free will allows us to make choices.  Remember the old books of choose your adventure?  Well in this adventure, every choice ultimately ends up towards Love and Heaven.  We may not see it evidenced immediately, but every one of us has love within us.  We are all playing roles that in the grand scheme has created the Earth experience.  We are all equal in infinite value.  We are all abundant and deserving of the highest worth. We are all cherished.  The more we stay out of stories and drama, the easier it is to feel truly good.

I believe in marriage and hope and pray that a couple may have resources and God in order to stay strong, positive and together.  I believe that Love brings a couple together and that same Love will remain even if the marriage does not remain.  Someone once said that the greatest anger is rooted in the greatest love.  I believe that if any two people are stuck in a toxic dynamic, that divorce or separation may be the safest and healthiest step to take, while I believe that miracles can certainly purify any situation where both people want to change, grow and make a relationship work.  I believe that we each are on this Earth to authentically live our own life, with our own purpose, mission and goals.  The gifts of marriage are when two individuals allow the other to fulfill his or her potential while together they create the most amazing and beautiful things whether it is children, a business, project, home, community or happiness. Life offers us unlimited opportunities and potential.  How exciting that we can have the freedom to choose what we want to create!

I offer you my blessings upon your day and may you find the Spirit within you that will sustain, move, and fulfill you in every way (un)imaginable.  You are doing great and know that even when it is the hardest, that the break will bring you the greatest relief and space to Be.