A Ceremony Centered in Spirit: Thoughts on Marriage

I have been creating and officiating spiritual wedding ceremonies for almost nine years now.  More and more couples are discovering that what they want to express in their wedding ceremony is the Spirit of their love.  Spirituality is something that extends beyond religion.  It can be found in religion and it also can be found in nature, experiences, family, friendship, and love.  When a couple chooses to get married it is because they love each other in such a way that calls for a celebration and a moment where they pledge promises of devotion and faith to each other.

When a couple unites in marriage, it is a moment filled with Spirit.  Hearts are open and they allow the healing power of love to pour through their past, present, and future together and individually.  This love enters the hearts of every guest and loved one as well as family members past and present.  It is an amazing event that is held by the Spirit of their love, which in many truths is God.  This one moment in time heals all past and future moments creating a sacred aspect to this couple.

For better of worse, the circle of family and friends that is created when two people unite can support and encourage them.  In some instances they can undermine and challenge the couple.  In both cases, the couple has the opportunity to become a stronger unit as a result. The couple becomes a new family.  One with a perspective that is unique to any other person in their life and for that reason, can they create new traditions and ways that they both can enjoy.

Marriage is the first relationship that a married couple promises to focus on.  Intimately a couple sees the best and the worst of each and marriage allows the healing power of their love to safely explore the people that they are and will become.  They have a wonderful opportunity to grow stronger, brighter, and happier as individuals.  They can encourage the other to Be the greatest version of the Self.  In simple moments, as well as when in pursuit of goals, it is a blessing to have a spouse who holds the other with compassion and forgiveness, while providing a loving perspective.  Imagine what they will create together!

It is an honor for me to witness this moment in their relationship on all levels.  I appreciate the fragrant flowers, the smiling and teary-eyed family and friends, personally chosen music that reflects the personality of the couple, and meeting many wonderful wedding professionals.  I am privileged to communicate with a couple’s loved ones who have passed on as words of love and healing are offered.  And, sincerely I am thankful that the couple will be a part of my life and prayers and that I can minister to them and their family in their future.