Learning From Our Children

I have been teaching a lot lately.  I have had a blast getting into elementary school classrooms and meeting the kids where they are.  I don’t know who I will meet each day and what I will be doing and I am learning SO much from them.  I love every age.  They each have something to challenge me on.  It really is exhilarating!  Yes, it is True that I get to leave at the end of the day and hand over the darlings to their full-time teacher, but I KNOW that if I do not learn the lesson and gain strength in these areas then other children will certainly see what I am made of!

I have learned a great amount of flexibility as I have been Purely My Self as I fit into another teacher’s structure.  I have learned to have compassion for my Self when I realize that I am Wrong on a certain academic lesson and I am better at “Getting Over” any pride that may be around the corner!  I especially am good at holding space for these children.  I can now teach them while having Awareness of their stories as to how the stories explain the why’s and what’s of the child’s behaviors.  I no longer get Pulled into their stories and my energy can remain healthy and strong for the whole class and my own Self and family when I return home.  From here can I love these Cherubs unconditionally with beautiful boundaries.  The artwork gifts that I receive as well as the grumpy faces that look up at me from their desks both show the range of me as a teacher.  Sometimes I cannot make everyone happy, but knowing that I am standing in my Truth, allows me to feel confidence and it increases what I am capable of doing.

Children all have messages of hope, strength and love for us.  They are in touch with God in a way that we really have to work at.  As we grow older, we sometimes put obstacles in the way of our communication with the Divine.  Children have an open channel to the Divine.  It is amazing how the kids talk about some of their gifts naturally.  I was in a class and we did a centering activity after lunch before afternoon work.  I used a musical instrument and suggested that they may see colors come from the sound vibrations.  SO many children discussed what they saw!  Some kids even said nonchalantly that they see angels and ghosts.  It was NORMAL for them.  I listened and held no judgment and allowed them to speak the Truth of their reality.  It was very powerful.  In that way do I approach more and more of life. Getting out of my comfort zone, standing in my Truth, maintaining boundaries and holding space for all others.

I am so grateful for all that I am learning.  It is exciting to find gems of knowledge about my Self that I will always have.  I will always remember that every child guides me and to be aware of all of the doors of perception that are opened! 🙂