Flying Free

I was watching my kids fly kites a while ago and I was fortunate to have a visit from a hawk.  Hawks have been one of my totem animals for the past year and I always have stopped what I was doing to tune into any messages that I may receive from Spirit.  That afternoon I noticed how a Hawk or any bird for that matter, flaps its wings when it is going against a draft or breeze.  Once the hawk gets itself some momentum, it can move into and go with the flow of a draft.   Flight is about inherently knowing and reacting to when one is flying within an air stream or is working through all other.  Both equally as important as it allows the bird to soar and descend with ease and grace.

In my life, I have taken notice of times when I am in momentum and have caught a draft and times when I am working through all other. When I feel the flow behind and around me, I am able to gain much distance on a given goal.  It truly is a bit of a spectacle as well, because I feel like I have the time to perceive the blessings and movement.  It feels full and fun.  It is a time when I am thankful for all of the help that I have received from all that is and I feel so empowered.  The times when I am flapping my wings have become a joy lately as well.  I connect with ideas, people and work through understanding of my goals.  I learn more about my self and find a lot of healing.  I am aware of the support that I have and know that ahead is another draft, waiting to carry me forward.

It takes time and patience, perseverance and courage and an easier flight is one with Joy within.  I prefer to fly free…  untethered to emotions like fear, guilt, and judgment.  Those energies are so heavy and make for a much more difficult ride. Cutting those cords and perhaps all that is attached to them is true Liberation.  The Journey is a lifetime.  Mine is the Journey of a Lifetime.

Fly free.  The sky is the limit and we all have wings.