I was rereading my blogs the other day and I noticed that most of what I write is very positive.  That’s a good thing I think; although, I became aware that when I am in the mix of things that are tough, I tend to not be in the mood to write blogs.  I write in my journal but not the blog.  I told myself to write during one of my WTF moments, but see, it’s already been 3 days.  I am going to try my best to get back into the sinking gut feelings I had Thursday as I tackled a fear of mine so that I can share this experience that balances the HIs and LOs of life.

Finances had always freaked me out.  With much that I am learning about positive attitude, law of attraction, etc., it seems absolutely essential that I make peace with money and believe that I deserve comfort and freedom from worry.  Even me saying “freedom from worry” gives the worry lots of power.  More affirmatively I say, “financial freedom and ease”.  It’s honestly always something, but I know that I am working/living in the Bliss which brings financial freedom.  So when I confronted a consequence of my financial freaking..  a late bill..   I was scared.  It is easy to procrastinate when scared (like when I was 4 and broke a piece of China and didn’t want to tell anyone).  It is easy to play the Victim when scared (it is not fair that I have SO many other responsibilities).  It is easy to blame (the economy sucks!)  but they are all excuses and bring me or anyone else farther from the power of responsibility.  When my kids hurt or tease one another or a friend…  I always make sure that they “fix” it.  No matter how scared they may be, it is important to ask if their friend is OK, see if the friend needs something, and apologize.  They personally “fix” it when they learn from the mistake and have the self control and strength to not do it again.

I know my choice provided the consequence, but I wanted to deal with it straight up… this time.  I called and took responsibility.  When the person on the phone told me that she was sorry that I was in the situation, it felt weird.  I don’t want the sympathy..  just tell me what I need to do to fix it.  So we made a plan AND I worked out a family budget.  So a short term and long term solution.  I will repay the bill in payments but, I will do it the right way and learn from this experience.   I am strong and resourceful and KNOW that by confronting this fear, it makes room for healing, good energy, and financial freedom. Hmm, I just thought about the sinking feeling and it just isn’t here..  that is awesome personal fixing.  (Not denial this time!!!).

In my next blog I mention my “Divine Team”.  Believe me, I have been praying to them right along.  They gave me boosts of confidence, ideas of how I can heal this situation, they put me on the phone with a great counselor, and they help me to find, heal and release any negative beliefs about myself or money.  So it really is about merging the spiritual with the human.  God can’t dial the phone, but he can give me the words to bring me the result that I so desire.

I had a client last week and she was really stressed about being stuck in a bad job, a house that won’t sell, and the sacrifices that she and her spouse have been making.  She likened it to a mill wheel that just goes round and round.  I suggested that she see the 3 situations as separate….  stretching them out more linearly.  Then for her to use her positive energy, Divine Team and skills to tackle each one as if it was the only thing that she needed to focus on.  With that perspective, she was quickly able to see that by healing just one situation, she gives her self the power to shift it all.

Know that ANYTHING can be changed for the better.  For the best actually.

You may be your own cheerleader sometimes, but you are Never alone and you have SO much power.