The Focus Group

There was a focus group of seekers.  Each person was to share and discuss their own career experience with the group.  The group was led by a middle aged man.

When a young man in his mid-thirties stood up, he talked about his experience as a teacher.  He recounted his daily exercise of teaching his lessons to students that were not as excited to be there as he was to be their teacher!  He spoke at great length about attention spans, sensitive emotions, misunderstandings, and obstacles that obstructed the student and the ease of learning that the teacher so wanted to provide.  His passion was felt by all others in this group as was his frustration.  The group knew with out a doubt that this man had a love of learning and that he valued each of his students; although they were aware of his overwhelm.

The man finished speaking and the group leader stood up and spoke,

“You have an important role, no doubt!  Let go of your attachment to each emotion as a reflection of you.  Allow each emotion to exist as a connection to others! Know you are alive.  These feelings prove your existence within a group of others.  You are alive!  Rejoice, welcome your frustration, your overwhelm, and your patience, and your love.

You navigate your students with your passion, while they sail their own ships.

You experience this group with your heart.  Now go live!”

This was given to me in a dream