Attention Seekers

It is essential that we learn how to harness and manage our own personal energy.  It is time to pull back from all distractions.  Politics, education systems, world events, gossip, drama, and sensationalism.  These are Caverns of Crap.  When we choose to put our attention, conversations, entertainment, and especially family moments into these areas, we are losing the self.  Completely.

Look at this realistically: what can you possibly do, as one person, to be so extended in all ways on CNN, etc. knowing every angle of every situation?  Even if you convince your friends, co-workers, and family members of your perspective, then what can you all possibly do?

What energy do these conversations create?  For me I have become frustrated and negative over my limitations… knowing that what I see or believe can not change our society.  Angry, Frustrated, Limited… that is NOT the energy that any of us can bear to hold.  What is happening is that this collective negativity is bottling up creative flow and possibilities in our country and our world.

We are missing the solutions that are floating by.  We think that the old ways of change will bring about revolution.  We are not in need of revolution right now we are in need of transformation.  The ONLY way this can happen as a person, family, municipality, country and world is to pull back within.

We have SO many modes of perception.  Hearing, seeing, knowing, understanding, smelling, feeling, and intuition are some.  Those are powerful ways that you can access creativity and clear guidance.  So you want to know the best politician to vote for?  Pull back within and use those powers of yours to fully determine what seems right to you then allow every one else to do the same.  It is not our right to convince people of our views.  Coming from a centered place, you can be unwavered in your approach and then your can be a guide, teacher, a motivator without even sometimes saying a word.  You can create change silently and actively.

Your energy needs to be focused on your self.  I perceive the ripples of water that extend out from a rock.  You are the rock.  Next is the family that you have chosen to have or that has chosen to have you.  Then it extends out to friends and family and community.  A ripple never starts from outside of the rock… ever.  Our energy cannot do that either but we extend it so and that is where much of our suffering lies.

There are people in this world with names that we may recognize that have chosen roles in which they push our buttons.  Pull back within, close the curtain on their show and thrive.  Master your own happiness, revitalize from the flow of energy that you can keep for yourself. Notice how you are more present with your kids, spouse, and loved ones.  Start sleeping better.  The more individuals who can find this power and balance, then the collective energy of true power and balance grows, then creativity expands to offer us new ways to live, educate, and care for each other.  Then check your face in the mirror and chances are you will see a smile.