Since I was a young girl, I have heard the term “Soul Mate”.  I remember one evening riding in our caravan while my mom drove us home from somewhere, when I delved into another one of my thought places.  See I have always quieted myself to contemplate situations, relationships and people… even myself.  I was considered “shy” and perhaps it was because I much preferred withdrawing into silent thought than to chat up with people in order to come to a conclusion.  While perhaps my “one-way” conversation with myself insulated conclusions, I now believe that I was talking to God.  In my whole life, I have been striving to discover my inner voice.  My God self that is all wise, patient, loving and connected.  It seems I was already talking to her since my beginning.

In that caravan, I imagined my wedding, wondering if I would find a husband let alone a prom date 8 years from that time.  I could vaguely picture in my self who he would be and how I would know if he was the one.  I thought back then that my Soul Mate was somewhere out there waiting for me.  I believed that there was only one and I better keep my eyes peeled so that I didn’t miss him.  Well that put me into hyper drive, from that point forward, I was looking… yes at 8 years old.

Now, 31 years from that moment, I believe that we have many Soul Mates.  They come in the forms of best friends, family, co-workers, and children… and it is not too hard for us to find them.  Soul Mates connect with us in ways that feel differently from other people in our lives.  It is a personal response and usually it holds an instant attraction, strong emotion and excitement.  It moves us from head to toe.  Soul Mates deserve a lot of our love because many times, they choose to incarnate with us so that we can learn our life lessons.  And we all have lived a long life filled with many ups and downs, seeing someone through that is such an act of love.  As well as the flip side… challenging someone throughout their life is an equal commitment, no matter how hard it feels.

I love to imagine my soul before I decided I would be Deborah Catherine Faith Mortimer Gleadow.  I love to imagine and feel God in all of its forms, my soul and birth ancestors, my soul connections from all other lifetimes and me.  I imagine with such great love all of the decisions we all made to best impact and guide each other through being Human.  I imagine the extreme love when I and another Soul Mate determine that we will wrong each other in this lifetime for the great lessons of strength, healing and empowerment that we might potentially gain.  We agreed to challenge everything… our believe in self, God, and all other.  I feel I had a knowing that it could be possible and that in that place before birth, I agreed “Yes” that this life is the One for me.  Only I could choose that agreement and I quietly and soundly did.  And since that time, I agree over and over to be in this life and live.  I am grateful for the amazing souls that I chose to incarnate with who bless me over and over again through pain and celebration and my family lines that offer me an inheritance that goes back thousands of years while my soul life is infinite.  I really hit the jackpot on this life.

It is no surprise that at 8 years old I began looking for “him” when who I was really looking for was all of my Soul Mates, somehow anxious to connect and see what we could teach each other.  The Truth is, there is no need to look for each other, as we all come into each others’ lives at the perfect time.  Divine Timing.  That in all lessons, we can feel the Joy in the potential, Joy in the reconnection with a Soul Mate and Joy in the Original Plan made to share all that we could humanly and spiritually together.

To all of my many Soul Mates, I love you, I forgive you, I apologize and I thank you.  May your own journey be one of Love.