Second Wedding Officiant in RI

Your Second Wedding is an important event.  You are more experienced, wiser, tasteful and hopeful as you set out to plan the perfect wedding. You are embarking on the love of your life and you know what is important to you and where you want to spend a little extra… or not. As a R.I. Officiant, I have some thoughts in response to questions that my Second Marriage clients have asked me over the years.

Religious or Spiritual

When you were first married, many followed the trend to have their marriage performed in their family church. You may consider getting married again in your church if their rules are open to second marriages. There are many churches of all faiths and religions who will welcome a couple into new membership and in this way you can obtain a new church family to support your journey together. If this is what you are looking for then it is a great idea to start visiting some area churches to see what feels right to you both.

Today, 60% of Americans do not attend a church. From the couples that I have met, they feel Spiritual but do not feel Religious. They choose me because they want a ceremony that feels loving, spiritual and personal. I know that can be found in a church as well, but couples are finding Spirit in different places. They feel it together, with their family, and in places such as nature, meditation, yoga and their art. I have been ministering to couples in this area now for 10 years and I know that the special attention I spiritually offer to their ceremony is felt by the couple and their guests. Often guests who are looking for a “church experience” leave the wedding happily surprised to attend a ceremony so loving and joyful where they feel Spirit and their hearts are opened.

Blending a Family

You may have children now that you want to involve in your second wedding. Couples can offer their promises to love, nurture, and support their spouse’s birth children by creating special vows. Families can perform a sand ceremony to show how each of their individual gifts and talents can be symbolized as a color in a mosaic of sand. The sand can be displayed in a frame, vase, or other glass container. Jewelry with inscriptions is a wonderful keepsake that a couple can present to the children. Finally, involving the children with special duties such as walking their mother down the aisle, standing up for their parent, reading a poem or written work, singing a song or playing an instrument, or holding the wedding bands can put just a little extra attention on the kids.

Creating the Ceremony

Once you have chosen the venue that you love, the caterer, and other vendors, you are left with a lot of freedom to create your ceremony. You can choose a standard ceremony text with traditional words, or you can make or choose vows that are personal expressions of the promises that are important to you both. Readings or poems can be read by each of you or by family members and they are great ways of personalizing your union. There are a variety of ways to symbolize your marriage such as a Unity Candle, Wine Ceremony or Breaking of the Glass.

You are embarking upon a marriage that reflects who you are now and who you will become. Blessings on your journey!