Spreading Love

You know how every once in a while you feel like you “Get it”. Today is one of those days for me. Things just seem to make sense. Maybe the angels are paying me some extra attention (yes indeed) or perhaps they are giving me a brief vacation from the work on the Self & Soul. When I officiate marriage ceremonies, I often say that it is important to share a common goal with a spouse while always living to Be a whole individual. In that way, both people are headed in the same direction in the marriage while each person can live one’s purpose. How fun and interesting a marriage does that make!!! What I get today, is that even though it may be uncomfortable thinking in terms of “Oneself”, when your Oneself is healed and loved, you can love all others so much more. When you discover reasons why not to be with your “oneself” and heal them… then you truly become the best partner and friend for a spouse. I have just found me after all of these years. Not in all of the happy surface places, but in the darker ones as well.