Just For the Record….

Well, the next day, what I “got” seemed to get lost under a bunch of stuff. See, I cannot even remember what the stuff was! I am glad that I wrote it down and can know in my heart that my heart still seeks to find connections that enlighten and inspire me. We are all on this Journey together. I am learning that I HAVE TO find the love in everything. Even when the stuff is heavy or indistinguishable. See, I always try to figure things out. When I just have to figure out where the Love is in the situation. In August, I channeled this message: “balance happens when we least expect it. In seeking balance, we do not always obtain it. Much like trying to capture a butterfly – once in possession of it, it’s freedom means nothing. Balance is or it isn’t. Know yourself as You and as a consequence of that knowing do you find balance. You always remain, know You.”

I work to find the Love in everything and have faith and hope that I will obtain peace and balance and in that way can better serve myself, my family, and the world.