12:12 AM

This morning, at 12:12 AM, still awake, my lesson about balance continued…

See, we are supposed to have weaknesses. By having both personal weaknesses and strengths, we obtain Balance. The trick is to not get lost in either. We tend to ignore, deny or condemn our weaknesses while we may put all of our expectations and esteem into our strengths. Balance comes from tending both gardens. By loving compassionately all that you are, you are recognizing that you are human as well as spirit. Grace allows us to live with both.

I honestly thought that peace was an absence of strife. Even with all of the experience and nonviolent peace education that I have received, I continued to live with the personal notion that I needed to be strife free. Perfect. When actually, Peace comes from Gracefully loving my weaknesses AND strengths. Not having misery over what pains me, nor having false expectations of what raises me up.

Love your weaknesses. Not so they can absolve themselves into neutrality nor naivety. So that they can exist without judgment and receive your light and love. This positive attention allows you to keep an eye on them while you gracefully wait for them to transform when they are Ready. The love and light provides for them a chance to speak clearly towards what you may need. In time, these weaknesses will be loved enough to join their cousins: Strengths. Gracefully waiting for other weaknesses to peak out and ask for light.

It’s OK. When we look closely at our weaknesses, we actually see some of our strengths… and of course, lots of Love.

I feel free to be human and to release expectations of perfection and judgment!

Love & Light to you,