The Jesus That I Know

I have been asked why I do not belong to a church.

I see Jesus as one who did not hold to four walls and a foundation, but one who encouraged all who loves him to build their own foundation. For that reason, do I feel free to minister to people in their homes, outside by the ocean or over tea in a coffee shop. He spread Love by speaking, smiling, laughing, healing, and understanding. All that I intend to practice in my own life… one where my personal and professional moments mirror each other.

Jesus traveled teaching ideas, spiritual tools and the Power of Love. He became an active instrument and conduit for Love and Healing. He is the master of empowerment and much prefers to teach us all that he knows rather than to depend on him or put him on a pedestal. He holds all truth and wishes that we look up rather than down. That we meet his gaze rather than turn away. That we look within rather than look without.

So much is given to us as guidance. Like the rain that falls, the cup laid outside collects what is to be contained. We are that cup. As our cup expands, it increases our capacity to hold more love and understanding. He gives and gives and helps us to receive.. to expand what we can hold.

When I was a preschool teacher, a student of mine named Myles came into school often with facts about the world and the universe. He loved being provoked by thoughts that connected him to all that is around him and beyond. One morning, he came into school and challenged, “Miss Debbie, what is most powerful, Fire or Water?” He offered me circumstances that proved the power of those two elements. I listened then replied that I believed that the most powerful force is Love. His scientific mind calculated that thought as he walked off. I silently prayed that my response would prove to evolve over his lifetime as the Love in his heart also evolves.

Love is the Key to unlocking your life mystery. It is energy. It is healing; it transforms all pain and illusions of pain. It connects, fills, comforts, unites and expands. It is communication. It is Power. It is eternal. It is all.

Jesus teaches that Love is active and the Way.

Jesus didn’t die for our sins. He lives eternally in our hearts as Love. He teaches hope that Love will lighten our souls and strengthen our hearts.

I am worthy to receive this love.

You are worthy to receive this love.

I am love. You are love.

There is nothing that stands between us and the Jesus that I Know.