Symbolizing Your Union

Your vows and your rings speak to you both of the heart-felt intentions of your marriage. They signify to your guests, and your officiant that you have open hearts and minds to unite your lives with each other. Symbolism is a way of celebrating your union within your ceremony. The Unity Candle is one form of Symbolism that can be found in many faiths and types of ceremonies. The lighting of these candles can be done at most venues, churches and outdoor locations (it is recommended that you use Hurricane lamps to surround the flame). For this symbolism, someone from the groom’s side and the bride’s side will light the two taper candles. By “side” I mean, circle of friends and family. Once the rings and vows have been completed, the couple takes each taper and lights the center candle to represent the uniting of two circles into one.
You may be creative in your choice of candle arrangement. Wax beads come in many colors and you can make your own candles.  Wax beads as well as candle sets are sold at your local craft store and online.
This picture of Rachel and James’ Unity Candle Lighting was taken by Jenn Frazer of