Who are you at this moment? What defines you? What is your Truth?

My mother’s father Stephen, was born on Dec. 26. Grandpa was born into a Catholic family and his parents chose to name him after the Saint that he shared a feast day with: St. Stephen. I recently considered and learned about why Stephen was “made into” a Saint. As many Saints were, he was martyred. Putting that aside, he was noted for speaking his Truth during a time when all that he knew did not support his views. He was moved and inspired to spread a message that he so believed would help others to live with happiness, fulfillment, and love. He took chances. He spoke his Truth.

We ALL come from different experiences and perspectives. We ALL have our own Truth. Speak it. Live it and Believe in it. May your Truth be one that intends to make positive changes within yourself and your world. May we all have the courage to find beauty in our words and the actions that we share.

We are living at an amazing time. Take a chance, share you and welcome your emergence. Welcome your Truth.