New Traditions as a Married Couple

It’s hard to imagine now in August, that soon we will enter the days leading up to the “Holiday Season”. Thanksgiving which has its own personality and is an amazing opportunity to realize how crazily blessed we are, does open the door to the Holy Days of December. We will be reminded by the store front decorations and the added genre button on our Sirius or XM radios, but what beckons this holiday season more are memories and new traditions as a married couple.

Memories do serve a purpose. They connect us to one another. They tie us to places and events. They even sometimes define who we are. Memories can also slow us down, prevent creativity and chance taking, or fill us and surround us with a warm and safe feeling. How do your memories serve you? Tradition is a behavior that is carried down from generations within a family, or culture. How do your Traditions serve you? As each “tradition” is repeated year after year, they carry with them the collected feelings and memories of all who were involved. They bring the happiness and the pain. They bring the pain from missing the happiness.

As a soon to be or newly married couple, sort through your traditions and memories at the beginning of this season and see what can be exchanged for the new. Do memories allow for your heart and soul to feel light and fresh or do they bring a heaviness? Start now to discover a new way to celebrate and share your time with your loved ones. Do it together while honoring individuality. Create the New and welcome in the star’s light.